Death Kiss Musick aka DKS release a dark and dirty lyrical working, recorded over a menacingly moody Dubstep banger of an instrumental. DKS go ham on the bass heavy track, spittin bars of the rawest kind, peppered with dark humour and even a bit of personal pain thrown in the mix. Death Kiss Musick show their aggy side, displaying uncut jagged emotion and a real connection with the vibe of the instrumental proving their versatility to rap on any genre of music. Presented with a slick video, shot in the contrastingly tranquil countryside, littered with urban reminders of the noisy city running through it and immediately around it, Death Kiss Media’s video maker Spexx23 captures the dark essence of the track, adding mad effects and transitions throughout. Check it out and if you like what you see or hear be sure to share. Thanks #TeamDeathKiss

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Filmed & Edited By @Spexx23